Streamline Your Revenue Management with our Quick Start Package for Salesforce CPQ.

As a RevOps Director or CFO of your organisation, is manual revenue management holding back your business growth? Do endless spreadsheets, complicated calculations, and compliance nightmares make managing revenue a headache? You're not alone. But with Salesforce Revenue Cloud, managing revenue is now easier than ever.

Our Quick Start package is designed to meet your immediate revenue management needs and fit your unique requirements. It can deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in just 6 weeks, so you can start optimising your revenue management processes and focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

Experience the Power of Salesforce Revenue Cloud with our CPQ Quick Start Package

Our streamlined process takes the pain out of the traditional IT project experience. In just 6 weeks, you could have a purpose-built and compliant platform that suits your business needs. 

We'll work closely with you to ensure you understand and are in control of every aspect of the process, from initial design and discovery to build, testing and deployment. We also provide ongoing support you can sign up for after launch to ensure your continued success, maintenance and enhancements of the system.

The benefits of the Quick Start Package are many, including:

  • Streamlined revenue management processes: Automate your selling process to streamline your operations end-to-end and reduce the risk of errors.
  • Improved revenue: Generate accurate quotes quickly and automate approval processes to close more deals and increase revenue.
  • Enhanced compliance: Comply with accounting standards and regulations to reduce compliance concerns.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Accurate quotes, faster response times, and better service lead to more satisfied and loyal customers.

Get Up and Running Faster with our Revenue Cloud CPQ Quick Start Package ($70,400 AUD/NZD)

If you're a Salesforce Sales Cloud customer using spreadsheets for quoting or with recurring revenue, our MVP Quick Start Package can automate and optimise your quoting process in just weeks, with ongoing support to ensure your long-term success.


Check out what's included:

  • Product Catalogue Configuration
  • Pricing Logic Configuration
  • Opportunity Management
  • Quoting
  • Discretionary Discounting
  • Approvals
  • Document Generation
  • Order Management
  • Contract Management

Additional Add-on (just ask our team)

  • Data Migration
  • Additional Quote Templates
  • Electronic Signature Integration
  • Integration with ERP

License bundling available (New Zealand only): We can help identify your licensing requirements and purchasing, which can be bundled together with your total package cost.

Invoicing add-on: streamline and automate your invoicing process by improving accuracy and efficiency and enhancing the customer experience.

Customer Success Support packages available: We can help identify your support requirements and have a range of packages to suit your needs post-deployment.

Other packages supporting a range of complexity are available on request.

Looking to get started with our CPQ Quick Start Package and revolutionise your revenue management? Schedule a free consultation now to see how we can help your business get up and running quicker.

Note: Terms and conditions apply. Please speak to our team for more information.

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