Transform your Wealth and Asset Management offering with the Cloudwerx Financial Services Cloud's Fast Start Package.

Take your Wealth and Asset Management business to the next level and stay ahead of the competition with a 360-degree view of your investors and would-be investors, related stakeholders, entities and, of course, assets, funds and investments. 

Disconnected and ancient tools and services, a reliance on memory and spreadsheets, and outdated ways of communicating are blocking most firms' ability to build and maintain trust with clients, get relevant information to them quickly and in the right format, and have the data in the system displayed in a readable, meaningful format to understand the health of the business.  Advisors require information at their fingertips, segmented lists, and a 360-degree view of every stakeholder in their database.

However with modern technology and process improvement there is a solution. 

The Cloudwerx Fast Start Wealth and Asset Management Solution will help you provide a personalised and compliant advisory service via Financial Services Cloud in just 8 weeks. This package also includes the option of integrations (e.g. registry systems and rating systems) and automation (using bots to eliminate repetitive, manual processes) to build a complete client profile.

A Hassle-Free Experience From Start to Finish

Our streamlined process takes the pain out of the traditional IT project experience. In approximately 8 weeks, you could have a purpose-built and compliant platform that suits your business needs. We'll work closely with you to ensure you understand and are in control of every aspect of the process, from initial design and discovery to build, testing and deployment. We also provide ongoing support you can sign up for after launch to ensure your continued success, maintenance and enhancement of the system.

Your upgraded Wealth and Asset Management business system includes:

Streamlined client relationship management process
Enable advisors to solicit Clients' needs & wants through a series of life experience and life goals based on consolidated client data. Increase customer engagement by providing clients and advisors with easy-to-use tools and modern experiences that help them manage their investments and financial planning needs effectively.

Better compliance and risk management
Leverage Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud configurable framework to tailor the compliance processes to your specific needs, reducing the risk of non-compliance. Assist advisors to easily track and monitor client activity, maintain a complete audit trail, and generate reports to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

Improve client retention and cross-selling opportunities
Provide financial advisors with a complete view of each client's financial profile, including their goals, investments, and preferences and recommend next actions in a more efficient and effective way.

Modernise advisor experience
Provide tools for advisors to collaborate with other professionals, such as accountants and attorneys, to offer holistic solutions to clients. Turn client data into actionable insights; advisory teams can deliver more personalised and relevant advice that builds trust and strengthens client relationships. Leverage Salesforce Wealth Management technology to analyse vast amounts of client data, including investment performance, risk profiles, and communication history.

What's Included in the Fast Start Package.

If you're a Financial Advisory Firm or Real Estate/Asset Investment Manager or in the business of providing compliant, relevant financial advisory services to clients to fulfil their dream of achieving financial freedom, then look no further! Our Fast Start Package is designed to get there faster! Here's what's included:


Financial Services Cloud:

  • Sales Teams
  • Need-Based Referrals
  • Lead Assignment & Routing
  • Opportunity Management
  • Relationship Groups
  • FSC Rollups
  • Actionable Relationship Center
  • Life Events & Milestones
  • Identity Verification (Optional: through Integration)
  • Document Generation (Optional: Conga)
  • Electronic Signature (Optional: Docusign/ CongaSign)

Back-end processes:

  • Approval Process
  • Alerts/ Notifications
  • Action Plans & Templates
  • Data Processing Engine
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Interaction Summaries
  • Training & enablement

License bundling available (New Zealand only): We can help identify your licensing requirements and purchasing, which can be bundled together with your total package cost.

Customer Success Support packages available: We can help identify your support requirements and have a range of packages to suit your needs post-deployment.

Could our Fast Start Package help your business get up and going quicker? Schedule a free consultation to get started today.

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