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Winning in the Digital Age: Essential Strategies for B2B Success

Winning in the Digital Age: Essential Strategies for B2B Success






Access our on-demand webinar where we will discuss the top priorities for B2B companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Missed our live session? No worries. Now, you can dive into our comprehensive on-demand webinar, where we've dissected the top priorities for B2B companies in Australia and New Zealand. We've explored the imperative need for digital transformation and the modernisation of business processes to stay competitive in this fast-paced market.

Discover why a customer-centric approach is more crucial than ever and learn how providing personalised experiences can meet unique customer needs. Plus, find out how integrating multiple channels to create a seamless customer experience can propel your business ahead of the pack.

Dive into the latest trends and best practices for B2B sales and revenue management. Get valuable insights on how to future-proof your business for long-term success.

Access our on-demand webinar now!


Toby Wilcock – CEO, Cloudwerx

Toby Wilcock is a proven leader and passionate advocate for genuine human connections. As the CEO of Cloudwerx, Toby oversees the creation of innovative solutions, ensures tangible results for clients, and fosters a collaborative work environment where everyone is enthusiastic about their work and their team.

With a career spanning over 25 years, Toby's journey began in manufacturing, from where he has garnered a rich understanding of diverse industries and businesses of varying scales. His invaluable insights are derived from his tenure in senior positions at two of the most prestigious Salesforce system integrators, endowing him with a unique perspective. As a thought leader in data analytics, Toby brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, contributing valuable insights on harnessing data to propel business growth.


Richard Wiltshire – CIO, ACS

Richard Wilshire is a highly accomplished Chief Information Officer with a wealth of experience across various industries. Richard's career spans over 20 years, during which he has held senior positions in top companies such as Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Cover-More Group, and Transport for NSW. As a seasoned technology professional, Richard has a deep understanding of how technology can drive business growth and innovation.

In his most recent role as Chief Information Officer at ACS (Australian Computer Society), Richard has been instrumental in driving the organisation's vision of making Australia a world leader in technology talent. He is passionate about the development of the technology sector in Australia and has led numerous initiatives to support ACS members. Richard's extensive experience and expertise in the field of technology make him a valuable resource for organisations seeking to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Gabrielle O'Brien – Account Executive - Mid Market Account Executive, Salesforce

Gabrielle O'Brien is Account Executive for the Consumer Goods Industry at Salesforce, leveraging her 20 year experience in the IT industry. Her previous roles revolved around shopper loyalty and behaviourally analytics to FMCGs. In her current capacity, Gabrielle collaborates with a diverse portfolio of Consumer Goods companies, striving to enhance the engagement experience for their customers, suppliers, and employees. She is an advocate for digital transformation, guiding these companies to scale and thrive in the digital landscape.