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Maximising Your B2B Customer Experience: Learn How to Thrive with Multichannel Engagement

Maximising Your B2B Customer Experience: Learn How to Thrive with Multichannel Engagement






Access our On-Demand Webinar where we discuss how to optimise the B2B customer experience through seamless multichannel engagement and process improvement.

Learn best practices for creating a cohesive strategy across multiple channels, both online and offline. Discover strategies for measuring success and identifying areas for improvement, and explore ways to streamline workflows and reduce friction points in the customer journey.


Ivan Sanchez – Sales Director, Cloudwerx

Ivan is a seasoned Sales Director with 20+ years of experience in the tech industry. He's held various roles, including Regional Sales Director, Business Development Lead, Territory Sales Manager, and Senior Account Manager. Ivan's worked with top-notch companies like Dell EMC, Oracle, and Dimension Data, where he played a crucial role in their growth by developing successful ABM strategies, identifying key vendors, and delivering projects that exceeded customer expectations. Ivan's strengths include lead generation, partner management, and executing successful go-to-market strategies. He's currently a Sales Director at Cloudwerx, where he specialises in B2B transformation projects to help organizations achieve their desired outcomes through the right technology.


Brad Aurisch – CEO, LW Reid

Brad Aurisch is a highly experienced technology leader with a strong business management background. He currently serves as the CEO of Mountcastle Group, a leading Australian uniform supplier. With an impressive background, including his tenure at Perpetual Limited and as a former Technology Manager at Telstra, Brad has a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital transformation and scaling platforms.

Brad's experience in leading the growth of BigPond from a small start-up to a global enterprise with over 5 million customers is a testament to his expertise in digital transformation and the modernisation of business processes. He understands the importance of a customer-centric approach, providing personalised experiences to meet unique needs and integrating multiple channels to create a seamless customer experience. As a thought leader in B2B business, Brad can provide valuable insights into how to future-proof your business for long-term success and the latest trends and best practices for B2B sales and revenue management.

Chris Spence – GM & Regional Vice President, Commerce Cloud

A forward-thinking innovator and storyteller, Chris is passionate about building strong and long-lasting partnerships. Chris loves helping companies exceed their customers' expectations and improve the company's bottom line by transforming how they acquire, grow and retain their customers. He believes that customer loyalty and advocacy are a natural result of consistent delivery of great customer and product experience.

With 25 years of proven track record in client engagement at a strategic level, Chris has partnered with organisations such as the Coles Group, Dan Murphys, Flightcentre, Jetstar, Ladbrokes, Qantas, Redcross, Sportsbet, Suncorp, Telstra, University of Auckland and the Virgin Group in their digital transformation journey. With a passion for all things digital, he is an expert in the areas of hosted SaaS and PaaS solutions, customer centricity, partner management, customer experience, eCommerce, loyalty and marketing.