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Operational Excellence in B2B: Best Practices for Removing Complexity and Streamlining Processes to Drive Profitable Growth.

Operational Excellence in B2B: Best Practices for Removing Complexity and Streamlining Processes to Drive Growth and Profitability


On Demand


On Demand


Access our On-Demand Webinar focused on streamlining B2B revenue operations by removing complexity to maximise growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

We'll explore the importance of removing complexity and streamlining processes across the entire revenue operations value chain, from lead generation to cross- selling/upselling.

Our experts will share best practices for optimising each stage of the revenue operations process to improve the customer experience and drive revenue growth.


Rui Fonseca – New Zealand Delivery Lead, Cloudwerx

Rui Fonseca is a respected thought leader in the Revenue Lifecycle Management domain with over 28 years of CRM experience. He has demonstrated dedication to the Product to Cash processes and the Salesforce Revenue Cloud ecosystem, helping organisations optimise their revenue lifecycle strategies. As the leader of a leading Revenue Cloud practice in APAC and a member of the Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner Advisory Board, Rui's expertise is globally recognised. Renowned for his people-oriented approach, he is committed to mentoring and nurturing professionals, fostering their growth and success in their careers.


Brion Schweers – SVP of Product Management, Revenue Cloud, Salesforce

Brion Schweers is a Senior Vice President of Product Management at Salesforce, currently managing the Revenue Cloud Solution Excellence team. During the past 30 years, Brion has assisted enterprises around the world in transforming their business by focusing on their Product-to-Cash processes. Prior to joining Salesforce Brion was VP & GM, CPQ at Apttus, VP, Sales & Success at A5 Consulting, served on the OAUG ConfigSIG Board, and spent 15 years at Oracle in various roles related to their CX and CPQ products. Brion is also the executive Sponsor of Vetforce - Carolinas and is actively involved in the Salesforce Military program where he mentors Veterans and their spouses with actionable, personalised career advice.

Max Rudman – CEO, Prodly

Max Rudman is the Chief Executive Officer of Prodly, the leading release management platform for Salesforce applications. Guided by Prodly's mission to simplify the management of enterprise software, Max is responsible for directing the company's growth and strategic direction. Prior to joining Prodly, Max founded SteelBrick—acquired by Salesforce in 2015—and was Vice President at Salesforce overseeing product management for Salesforce CPQ. Max's expertise in complex B2B ecosystems is the driving force behind Prodly's user-centric solutions that effectively maximize the value Salesforce customers and SI partners derive from their business applications.