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The Power of Data: Using a 360 Customer View to Unlock B2B Sales and Revenue Growth

The Power of Data: Using a 360 Customer View to Unlock B2B Sales and Revenue Growth






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We'll explore the importance of a 360-degree view of customers and provide best practicesfor leveraging customer data to optimise lead generation, upselling, cross-selling, and customer retention strategies.

From sales through to accounts receivable, we'll show you how data can help you create personalised experiences that drive sales and profits. Additionally, we'll cover the latest trends and technologies in data analytics and how they can help you make smarter business decisions.


Jarrod Myers – CSO, Cloudwerx

Jarrod is the Chief Sales Officer at Cloudwerx, and has worked in the Salesforce consulting space for almost 10 years. Previously being client side as a user of Salesforce and being ‘implemented upon’ several times, he brings a relational approach to our customer experience.

Jarrod has worked with 100s of B2B organisations across Consumer Goods, High-Tech, Financial Services.


John 'JC' Cosgrove - CEO, Lightfold

About six years ago, in what seems like another lifetime, JC got sick of making beautiful reports. It didn't matter how great the intel was or how brilliant the analysis was – delivering a report to even the most senior people in an organisation (or even a government) was NOT the way to make it ‘data driven’. Data needed to stop being a separate workflow and needed to start being part of the existing workflow – it had to be something every single person in the organisation actually used every day to do their job.

Flash forward to today, and the Lightfold crew are on an incredible adventure with JC, who, as both a founder and CEO of Lightfold, can honestly say that the best is yet to come. When the journey started, big data was still a hashtag, BI wasn’t cloudy and no one thought graphs were cool. Now we’re talking ‘orbital architectures’, data moves at light speed in zero-g and terabytes spin through cyberspace faster than spreadsheets used to be emailed.The frontier has opened up at long last and we’re not explorers anymore; we’re pioneers.

Ian Calpin - Regional Vice President, ANZ Cloud Ecosystem, Salesforce

Ian Calpin is an experienced business strategist with over 14 years in the B2B sector, where he has effectively employed robust analysis and data-driven insights to power substantial business growth and transformation. His multi-faceted expertise spans strategic partnerships, revenue optimisation, customer-centric initiatives, and the strategic use of data analytics, equipping him with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics in the B2B arena.

His significant roles at Salesforce, a world-renowned leader in cloud-based software, such as Regional Vice President for ANZ Cloud Ecosystem and Director of Cloud Sales Alliances, have allowed him to influence the shaping of data-driven partner strategies and the expansion of business ecosystems. His prior experience at a top Australian telecommunications company involved him leading key strategic initiatives. Known for adeptly managing complex business functions while maintaining an overarching strategic perspective, Ian is excellently positioned to provide a data-informed, all-encompassing viewpoint on the ever-evolving B2B landscape.